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 Aims & Objectives - AJES, India

Through various issues we are keeping our readers in touch with the latest developments in various scientific disciplines viz., Chemistry, Botany, Physics, Zoology, Biotechnology, Microb2iology, Geology, Geography, Anthropology, all Engineering Sciences, Medical Sciences etc.

We have been offering peer-reviewed, scientifically based articles and original research. This journal contains information that will assist you in understanding intricacies of sciences.

The Journal provides you with sound and expert research and advice to help you offer expertise to broaden information on the technology or the application of science.

It will be focussing on information that you can immediately use in your practice.

The Journal allows you to obtain effective and proven latest technological information regarding their current uses in the form of news items.

Beginning with Volume 18, each edition of the Journal is also including a monograph on a multidisciplinary research dimension.

International in scope, the Journal also intend to fill an important niche in addressing a variety of individuals, including pharmacists, physicians, and nurses.

Unlike other publications, it addresses basic and applied research and makes it easier for clinicians to translate data into applied medicine and Engineers to their fabrications.

Bringing you the newest research and discoveries from this fast-growing field, the Journal will increase your knowledge of herbal medicine in order for you to provide patients with a plethora of information on treatment options.